Software Installations

We take care of all types of software installations – on servers, optical devices, and backup media. Because we have many years of experience working with businesses from a wide spectrum of industries, we can not only install software, we can also help you decide on the right software for your unique needs. Our combination of technical expertise and real-world experience with small business needs is unmatched by any other tech services company in South Florida.

The software installation method and device names can affect your overall system performance, so we follow best practices for all manufacturer releases, including video, voice, and collaborative applications which make a mobile workplace fully functional.

  • We work with all IBM, Cisco, Dell and Microsoft business-class software.
  • We also work cross platform between PC and Apple operating systems.
  • We support major business software solutions including web- and cloud-based collaborative applications.
  • We provide specialized support for leading financial and accounting software.
  • We install and support the top IT security software to provide end-to-end defense against viruses and malware.
  • We install and support POS software on all POS devices

We make technology useful, productive and painless.

Cloud Hosting

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IT Disaster Recovery

If you need to stay in business no matter what happens this hurricane season, gives us a call to discuss affordable IT disaster recovery for businesses in Florida and the Caribbean


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In Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. We also serve the Caribbean and Latin America.

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