Remote IT Advantages

Remote Support Anywhere, Anytime In Real Time

Remote support means that you have IT support capabilities anywhere and anytime.  So if you lose your email when you’re out of the country, we can retrieve it. Or we can restore your contacts on your mobile phone. We can even restore a a clone, or disk image, of your entire computer. It is the easiest and fastest way to create your “own” help desk and IT support for all of your employees, without investing in staff and administration.


Multiple Server And Computer Support At One Time

If your system is affected by a virus, we can fix all your computers and servers at one time. We can also install software and software supgrade, driver upgrades and security patches. Remote managed services take care of all Microsoft software updates and most software updates for packages such as Adobe. We run remote backups as a Windows-managed service and provide email notifications of successful backups, log files of backup activities.  We automatically synchronize data and turn off computers after backup if needed. Remote server and system support is the most-efficient way to update and secure your entire IT infrastructure.


24/7 System Monitoring And Alerts

Remote support services include disc scans and defragmentation as well as a full suite of security tools. If an employee attempts to install a rogue program, such as a malicious download or opens a virus-infected email, we are on top off it and protect your system in the background. We can alert you to imminent hardware failures, handle internet outages with your internet service provider, provide preventative maintenance during off hours… in short, run the routine tasks of your entire IT operation so that your business always operates at peak performance and capacity.

We make technology useful, productive and painless.

Cloud Hosting

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IT Disaster Recovery

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