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Many businesses do not have adequate backup measures in place for disaster recovery. Businesses with multiple locations present unique IT challenges, as do collaborative workgroups such as SharePoint deployments. Virtualization (running virtual machines on an underlying real computer) is becoming increasingly popular, but many small businesses have not created strong disaster recovery plans and backup processes capable of securing their virtualized applications.

For most busy businesses, a combination of local and offsite or online backup is the best way to provide a total solution for data backup, system restoration, and data recovery.

  • We set up and maintain automated local backup solutions. We provide automated online backup in which your files are transferred over the an encrypted network to our offsite storage.
  • Files are compressed and we utilize a high-speed commercial network for fast, reliable, and secure data transfer.
  • Automated online backup incremental versions of your important files, so that you can access any version you need. In contrast, hard drive and tape backups tend to be written over, making data irretrievable.
  • We also provide cloud storage, which allows critical applications and data to be available without interruption in the event of a major data failure or disaster.
  • In real life, backup strategies are tailored to each business situation and depend on the amount and type of digital information you need to store, as well as the operating systems and applications in use by your workplace and whether your employees work extensively on the road or at home.
  • Furthermore, the most cost-effective solutions usually involve a combination of file virtualization, private and public cloud storage, and on- and offsite storage. ComputerPro stands alone in our ability to intelligently deliver comprehensive IT disaster plans.

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IT Disaster Recovery

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