Media Streaming

Most homes have a rudimentary media streamer, such as a wireless Blu-ray player or Google TV. ComputerPro designs and installs high-end central media streaming capabilities for businesses and luxury residences. Generally these involve pairing of wiring and wireless technologies to create lossless video quality at the fastest possible speeds.

Central media streaming devices, using the newest 802.11ac and 802.11ad standards, handle wireless data transmission at  speeds of 400 mbps up to 1 gbps. These provide high-definition video streams from a central media server to any device within range. The 802.1a1c updates the most common WLAN (wireless networking technology) by providing  much faster performance and the ability to carry multiple video streams over a single channel. Because 802.11ac does not provide lossless quality, we utilize it in combination with other technologies.

The result is a minimal number of wires and cables with faster performance and better quality. For business, this means more powerful video calls, meetings and seminar. For home theaters, it means engaging entertainment and connections between all devices.


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