Online Collaboration

Online collaboration through software and online tools enables your employees to collaborate by sharing files, media, project management calendars and flowcharts, online spreadsheets, and management tools. It is augmented by collaborative technologies such as electronic meetings, videoconferencing, and telephony, and online chat.

Online collaboration tools and workgroups can operate in a variety of ways and allow your organization to include telecommuters and freelance staff, while saving on overhead costs. Collaborative tools exists for a variety of activities, from brainstorming and idea generation to the delivery of complex assignments such as architectural, engineering, publishing, design, and scientific projects.

Intranets (an online, closed system for internal use) can be organized to host online collaboration and collaborative environments, host shared document archives,  facilitate productive workgroups, and provide a way of seamlessly communicating with staff.  Access to offsite employees can be provided by requiring user authentication in the case of just a few employees, or through a Virtual Private Network.

ComputerPro helps your business use collaborative technologies by installing and supporting:

  • Microsoft SharePoint, a product group that includes collaboration tools and services, a development platform, and a portal server.
  • Microsoft NetMeeting, an Internet conferencing product with audio, video, chat, and whiteboard support.
  • Intuit Quickbase, a user-friendly suite of web-based project management, sales management, marketing and customer service management, and human resources tools.
  • Installing and serving Intranets and Virtual Private Networks.

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