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Information security (IT security) is the protection of data access, privacy, and integrity. It refers to the measures and methods used to increase computer security, with password protection being the most basic method of improving information security.

Hacking programs can run through millions of possible passwords in just a few seconds, so assigning secure but memorable passwords to user accounts and hardware is one of the cornerstones of IT security. Good antivirus programs with ongoing updates are also essential to maintaining your IT security. Firewalls prevent unauthorized access to your network by limiting the types of data allowed to enter, rerouting network information through a proxy server, and monitoring the trustworthiness of IP address and websites. Although computers come with pre-installed firewalls, an independent firewall provides an additional layer of security.

Mobile security has become increasingly important as employees and small business utilize mobile devices to be more productive. Data loss and unauthorized access are top concerns for mobile security, particularly because data is in transit across third-party networks.

Advanced IT security measures to protect networks, prevent attacks, ensure data privacy, and secure your digital assets utilize the same core concepts of authentication (passwords), firewalls and proxies, and encryption. They must keep pace with new threats which exist across your system in hardware and software vulnerabilities. ComputerPro will design, deploy, and maintain a state-of-the-art IT security plan to secure both your business data and your website.

Outsourcing your IT to us can save almost 50% in IT costs while delivering superior service.

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