Cloud Hosting

Clouds are clustered servers which share resources and are accessed by clients via the Internet. Unlike shared hosting, your capacity is not limited. Cloud hosting has multiple uses and offers cross-platform compatibility, scalable computing and storage capacity, and unprecedented flexibility in a pay-only-for-what-you-use model. Its upsides are many, but the downsides can come from unproven providers, unsecured architectures, and unexpected costs arising from its scalable nature.

  • Cloud hosting can provide instantly scalable delivery of applications to multiple users in different locations.
  • Cloud hosting is its own backup solution but can be vulnerable to security flaws.
  • Cloud hosting is a popular form of website hosting, particularly for online businesses that want to accommodate occasional spikes in traffic without incurring the ongoing cost of a dedicated server.

We offer cloud hosting designed to run applications, not websites. We also use it for critical data backup.  Storage cost on the cloud can be high, so we implement cloud hosting in tandem with more affordable remote backup and applications run on local servers.

As an alternative to public cloud hosting, we offer managed private clouds which utilize VMware hosting. Virtualization hosting allows you to enjoy the cost benefits of public (or shared) clouds, with an added layer of virtualization software to give you the security and customization features of a dedicated cloud. In general, dedicated clouds are feasible only for large enterprise organization, but virtualization overcomes the security and control issues that surround public cloud hosting.

All ComputerPro cloud customers enjoy robust security, including anti-virus and anti-malware management, monitoring of file integrity, and protection against data leakage. Our firewall actively protects your website and applications from hacker attempts over your web ports, and provides host security at the kernel level. IP filtering provides instant denial of network access against disreputable IP addresses. We also offer private clouds which isolate your cloud-hosted date from other customers and give you complete control over access, meeting HIPAA compliance standards.

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Cloud Hosting

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