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VOIP systems(voice over Internet protocol) bundle phone, data, and video into one package. Costs may be substantially reduced because phone lines can be added easily and technologies such as web conferencing and video calls can reduce travel expenditures.VoIP also bundles in extra features, such as call forwarding and caller ID, without extra costs.

Another cost advantage is that you have only one essential technology to maintain with a single service vendor, instead of multiple technologies with multiple channels needed for support. This creates a simpler system to service and upgrade, is more effective overall, and costs less that implementing several different technologies to handle your communications.

The biggest advantage over hardline phones is flexibility. VoIP offers more ways to stay connected with your staff and customers. Because communications are unified, you can more easily work from home or anywhere with an Internet connection. And enhanced communication makes it possible for employees to work together over long distances.

Customers also have more ways to contact you – via phone, fax, email, and online chat – using the same technology. Your field reps can easily stay in touch with clients because all business calls can be routed to a single number, regardless of whether your rep is working at home, in the field, or in the office. Furthermore, VOIP can be tied into customer contact databases and custom applications.

We work with a variety of leading VoIP systems vendors, including Cisco, and implement fully turnkey telephony which is user-friendly, reliable, and useful for your industry and specific business operation.

Outsourcing your IT to us can save almost 50% in IT costs while delivering superior service.

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